Holistic Pet Care Little Rock

When it comes to your best furry love you want to take care of them using the best and safest products for their nutrition and grooming. Holistic pet care Little Rock store, Doggy Daddy, carries only the best holistic pet foods and other products including toys and accessories for your favorite dog or cat. We are one of the only pet stores in Little Rock AR that focuses solely on providing healthy, natural products for your furry friends.

Maintaining proper nutrition increases the energy, attitude, appearance and lifespan of your pet. Today, we are enlightened enough to realize that nutrition and holistic skin care products are the best for our digestive systems and our skin, but we often forget that our pets will benefit as well from our using holistic pet care Little Rock products. We treat ourselves to the best foods and organically raised meats and vegetables, why would you not treat your furry housemate with the same types of foods?

Dogs and cats that are fed premium holistic pet foods maintain a better weight and are healthier than dogs that are fed the common dog foods that you will find in grocery stores. Most of those types of dog foods are filled with ingredients with names like Glyceryl Monostearate, Proplyene Glycol, Corn and Wheat Glutens and others. These fillers and added ‘junk’ ingredients do nothing for your pet’s health. These poor quality ingredients, are just a handful of a huge list that most common dog foods contain. They should be avoided if you care about the health of your pet. We can give you sound advice on the best pet food Little Rock.

We carry a full line of holistic pet care Little Rock, designed to properly feed your most beloved friend. We also feature a variety of natural and holistic grooming products including natural dog shampoos that are free of the harsh chemicals that will harm your pet’s body.